Well I know it very closely (see timeline).  I offer structured meetings in a 3-course process to help you move through anxiety.  I incorporate tools and techniques from a number of successful, field-tested programs.  

  • I have successfully managed my own DPDR and panic attacks
  • Me.D.,School Counseling, Lincoln Memorial University / B.S., Communications, Univ. of Tennessee, Knoxville    
  • Certified Stephen Minister, one-on-one counseling for someone going through a crisis.
  • Completed Landmark Education Curriculum for Living, Integrity Seminar, SELP (Self-Expression and Leadership Training Program) 
  • Completion a spiritual program (incredible results)
  • Read 70+ books on anxiety & personal development (Daphne Simeon, Dale Carnegie, Viktor Frankl, David Dieda, Susan M. Campbell, Jim Rohn, etc.).   
  • Created and host a podcast specializing in anxiety
*Please note that I am NOT a LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor).    

  • Each call begins call with a check in (10-15 minutes) and review
  • An interactive lesson is taught with live application of material (30-40 minutes)
  • We briefly review our meeting and then HW is assigned (10-15 minutes)
  • Meetings are one-hour.
While there are benefits to traditional talk-therapy, it’s not effective for anxiety.  I want you to move through this stage in your life and that’s why I’ve created this 3-course program.  
  • Course 1 (6 weeks) 
    • The goal is to stabilize, educate, and provide a response to panic.  I teach an easy, 6-step process to panic and depersonalization.  And it works.  A powerful ‘response sheet’ is provided to assist in this process.  Additional lessons focus on symptoms, calming techniques, Tony Robbins 3,3 & 3 (gratitude, intention, and meditation in 10 minutes), writing exercises, identification of focus, a self-talk format, and how to use humor.  
  • Course 2 (8-12 weeks) 
    • The goal of course 2 is to discover the root of anxiety, and remove it.  We complete a full inventory of fears and resentments in a spreadsheet.  You are again provided with a powerful ‘philosophy/how we think’ sheet.   Additional lessons incorporate “The Work” by Byron Katie, daily writing, how to use prayer (no religious affiliation required), and completion of up to 100 awareness-based questions.  
  • Course 3  (6 weeks) 
    • The goal of course 3 is to develop a structure and environment to provide lasting results in the future.  We may focus on skills like goal-setting, time-planning, assertiveness, social, coping with existence, weight loss, understanding and managing money, etc.  Whatever the issue or interest, we work together to identify a structure and environment for success after our working relationship ends.  A powerful ‘response sheet’ is yet again provided for battling negative thoughts that may stop you from achieving your goals.  Much of this format is designed by author Viktor Frankl and his philosophy of “Logotherapy” which focuses to ‘finding meaning’ in one’s life.  
  • We skip it.  My goal is to provide you with the tools you need.  
  • Stop paying me immediately!  Then keep moving forward and you’ll get there.  And you will get there.    
  • I absolutely love helping people with their anxiety and panic.  And because I have recovered from it myself, I am uniquely qualified.  I also have an entrepreneurial flare and consider myself to be creative, so the development of a curriculum, website, podcast, etc. are enjoyable challenges for me.  
  • I really enjoy working with kids and teens, which is why I am a School Counselor.  If you are a minor (18 or younger), I must get signed permission from a parent or guardian.   
  • Money can often be a source of anxiety and hiring someone to help can make it worse.  You do not have to coach with me to get through your anxiety!  While I have developed a program in which I am confident, there are TONS of low-cost and free resources.  Check out my resources page (page link here with books, etc.) or my podcast.  
New clients can receive a full-refund after their first meeting if they are not satisfied, no questions asked.